Navigation Square

Navigation Square

Navigation Square is a 350,000 square foot office space, currently in development and undertaken by O’ Callaghan Properties. It comprises four new office blocks each of which has its own bespoke design. Classic Glazing Solutions completed the glazing on Block A and is currently in the process of completing Block B. Systems and products used include

Curtain Wall System:WiconaWictec 60; Finish: Inner: Natural Anodised Outer: Bronze Anodised Analok 545; Doors:WiconaWicstyle 65 Glass bonded doors;

Glass: Outer: Laminate with Smooth Ground Edges Guardian ExtraClear - Heat Strengthened / PVB Interlayer / Guardian ExtraClear with SunGuard SN 70/35 HT coating - Heat Strengthened /20mm Cavity / Inner: Laminate with Smooth Ground Edges Guardian ExtraClear - Heat Strengthened, PVB Interlayer, Guardian ExtraClear – Heat Strengthened

Weather Sealants: Dow 791 & Dow 895 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealants;

Roof Canopy: SZ20 Panel Support System / 3mm Aluminium Sheet Panels Bronze Finish (Analok 545) ("Tiger" Paints Class 2);